Last Year EP:

 album cover art for Kalispell's Last Year EP, released 2011

Generous woods:

series of 2013 postcards & greeting cards created with northern Wisconsin in mind

In time we learn, we grow:

still in process:  piecing together emotional and physical labor and grinding out a sense of past and present

Four directions:

a representation of some my ancestors' guides in each of the four cardinal directions. Awohali/Eagle in the east, Tsisdu/Rabbit & Doya/Beaver in the south, Yona/Bear in the west, Waya/Wolf & Awi/Deer in the north.

Big Sadie

promotional linocut for Big Sadie, concieved Summer of 2014 during the first of many Big Sadie artist retreats.

Thank you friends, for your support

cards en route to all supporters of Kalispell's 2013 Kickstarter campaign featuring representations of iconic Chicago skyline buildings, a fiddle, banjo, cello and guitar.

Printer's son

Promotional artwork for the forthcoming Kalispell record, Printer's Son featuring imagery from songs on the album. Created with the help of masterful Chicago artist, Duffy O'Connor and the people & presses at Chicago Printmakers Collaborative.

© 2014 |  jess mcintosh

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